2010: Mexico - dorado

2010 we planned a trip way ahead of the Fly Fishing Retailer show. Dorado had been on the bucket-list for a long time. Loreto supposed to be the World's dorado hot spot. Rudy van Duijnhoven and myself decided to go. Hotel Oasis truly was an oasis at the Sea of Cortez. I will never forget their fish soup. Best ever! And the swimming pool after the fishing hours was also fantastic. The fly fishing....not so good. Unfortunately. They told us the number of baitfish was down so the predator fish were not their in the usual numbers. We did get some dorados but they were few and far between. Also saw a sailfish and marlin but they were not showing any interest in our flies (yes, we were prepared with a big game rod). The fly fishing from pangas was suprisingly comfortable and when the dorados were found and hooked the neon fish were showing of by lighting up and making jumps. Under better conditions....I'll be back!

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