Easy Shrimp Eyes

Who is Team Easy Shrimp Eyes ?

Actually we are just two passionated fly tyers and fly fishers, just like you are. 
Both feet solid on the ground, allways on the hunt for a nice fishing trip with a good buddy, some fresh air in our head, a special connection with the beautiful nature, a couple of hours in front of our fly vises the evening before with a good drink, and of course dreaming and talking about that fish we spotted last time. 
How big was it ? I’m sure it was a monster ! Do you know that feeling ?
I’m quite sure that you know what i’m talking about.

Fly tying and fly fishing really is something special, a deep connection between creativity and art.
We have spent many many hours with a bobbin in our hands, and with a dream in our head.
Our flylines has been changed several times, and the same has our ambitions.
I guess that’s just what happens during the years, and the beauty of it is, that we can allways learn more about every aspects of these amazing hobbies.

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