2017: Bonaire - bonefish on the fly

Bonaire is a snorkling paradise. We stayed at van der Valk (At time tarpon and big snook are cruising in the canals!) and snorking was great all over the place in front of the resort. The bonefishing is mostly done at Sorobon beach. There is a flat that you can wade and fish for bones. They are very spooky so you'll need good polarised glasses, long leaders and flies with weedguards. Stealthy approach and patience. You also need a little bit of luck to have the place to yourself. When I visited the island Sorobon beach flat was under great pressure. I caught some small bones but due to the fishing pressure I decided to head for the saltlakes. No pressure and bigger bonefish. Would I go back to Bonaire for bonefishing? No! Would I go back for a family holiday combined with some bonefishing? Yes!

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