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    Sightfree G4 tippet - 0X 12.8lb
    Sightfree G4 tippet - 0X 12.8lb

    Airflo G4 Fluorocarbon tippet. Great tippet material for chasing species like sea trout, perch, asp and sea bass!

    ∙ 0x - 12.8lb
    ∙ 0.285mm
    ∙ 82yds/75mtr
    ∙ Made in Japan

    € 14,90 € 7,50

Sightfree G4 Tippet

The Airflo Sightfree G4 is Airflo's 4th generation fluorocarbon tippet and leader material. 

This is 100% fluorocarbon and has an incredibly low refractive index, making it practically invisible in the water. This is one of the huge benefits to using fluorocarbon over monofilament and the invisibility in the water will help reduce the risk of spooking any fish!

The Airflo Sightfree G4 fluorocarbon provides excellent strength and abrasion resistance. Allowing the material to last longer and provide you with consistent performance with every use.

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