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Asp on the fly

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Fly fishing for asp can be very exciting. In Spring they often feed on tiny baby fish 1.5 to 2cm long. It can be hard to get them to take a fly when they are focussed on the small bait. Stripping as fast as you can is often your best bet.  The season runs between predator season opening in spring and oktober. That time of the year you can find them in the current seems on our big rivers but also on the lakes. On the river you can use the current to speed up your streamer. That can trigger a split second decision for the asp to attack. However, on the lakes in clear water, they tend to have a lot of time to eyeball their prey so it is much harder to hook up. Unless the bite is on! Often just before and into the twilight they will get into a feeding frenzy. Water boiling and baitfish jumping everywhere. This is your best chance of hooking up. Not only on streamers but also on poppers. Use a 9ft to 10ft #7 fly rod and a long tapered leader with 30/00 tippet and your all set. 

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Peter Elberse


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