SVN Dutch Fly Fishing Championships - END OF AN ERA

When a Competing Competition Committee (CCC) is in charge of a Championship that is extremely doubtful. The blussing of norms is then lurking. The current CCC has crossed lines and in an attempt to get them back to earth I was unfriended, deleted from the competitors list, deleted as sponsor of the 2023 final and silenced.

Why did I stand up as the whistleblower?

Because the Dutch Fly Fishing Championships should have a non-fishing committee.

What happened? 

Plausible and potential:

  • venue manipulation(s)
  • beat manipulation(s)
  • draw manipulation(s)
  • rule manipulation(s)
  • result manipulation(s)
  • selection manipulation(s)

I won't get into details as it would be a book to write. But I'm convinced my Fellow Competitors from 2023 and those that have already quit over the years recognize a lot of the suspicions.

When the CCC silenced me I contacted VNV and SVN.

VNV (Vereniging van Nederlands Vliegvissers. Translated: Association Dutch Fly Fishers):

By not intervening the board of the VNV allows the CCC to use the VNV Dutch Fly Fishing Championship for potential personal benefits. In a meeting with the Board, CCC and myself, the VNV Board only tried to calm things down. They did zero fact-checking on any of the plausible and potential manipulations.

The Competing Committee Chairman and Captain (CCCC) of the Dutch Fly Fishing Teams told the VNV Board and myself during the meeting that he has carte blanche from SVN for selection policy. So that means that the CCCC decides what competitor goes to what FIPS MOUCHE Tournament. Be it Masters, Europeans or Worlds. Not classification but instead one CCCC decides who goes where. So he has always first choice himself. If this is true, and I think it is up to the VNV board to check at SVN, this turns the Championship into a VNV Dutch Fly Fishing Championship without any value.

SVN (Sportvisserij Nederland. Translated: Dutch Fishing Association):

I contacted the project leader competitions at SVN. I questioned the date of relocation of the final (cancelled due to fish kill) and the response was following: no contradictions between the conduct of the competition committee and the competition regulations. So the CCC made the rules to be extremely flexible as in my opinion a 2023 Championship should be fished in 2023 and not 2024. A 2023 final on the same date as initiated would have been easy. We had two options for a replacement venue for the final, both in the Netherlands. De Kool and de Berenkuil (both already fished in qualifiers in 2023). The CCC checked de Kool (admitted during the meeting) but that wasn't available. They ignored the Berenkuil. I guess I know why. You can check the qualifier results of both venues yourselves.

By moving the 2023 final to 2024 the top 10 was not honored at the SVN gala in Papendal. The winner not honored in his/her local authority. All because both Championship honor galas were held in January 2024. So before the rescheduled final March 24, 2024 date.

I truly wonder what NOC*NSF and FIPS MOUCHE would think about this state of affairs. We'll never know as I won't contact them. Being a contributor to the VNV magazine, VNV advertiser, the all time number one by ranking Dutch Fly Fishing Championship leader and current leader in the Championship, I wasn't able to change winds. So I stand alone as other Competitors most likely won't risk their future International FIPS MOUCHE Tournament ambitions by being a whistleblower and end up like myself.

So, I resign from competing in the VNV Dutch Fly Fishing Championships under the current CCC. The whistleblower lost but I leave as the number one ranked Dutch Championship fly fisherman all times. Fished 14 FIPS MOUCHE Worlds in the Dutch National Team (in a time when you needed to rank by results). My time has come and I move on.

Thanks to all 'honest' Competition Fly Fishermen and -women for great moments shared. Elberse International was a proud sponsor for many Championships and that was taken away for the 2023 final. Although I told the CCC that I would not fish the 2023 final under the regime of the current CCC, I insisted on Elberse International sponsoring the final. They said no and replaced Elberse International by another sponsor. The CCC told us during the meeting that they see me and Elberse International as one and therefore wouldn't allow Elberse International to sponsor. The VNV board sat there and did nothing. Sad but true! 

Time will tell the truth and I predict change for the Dutch Fly Fishing Championships. Unfortunately I have to give up my 2023 titel fight for it to be the whistleblower. I leave being in the leading position be it total points, total less 1 qualifier or total less 2 qualifiers. 

Peter Elberse 

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