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  • Shimazaki Super Glue Needle
    Shimazaki Super Glue Needle

    Tying Needle for super glue

    € 14,90
  • TMC Storable Dubbing Needle
    TMC Storable Dubbing Needle

    Strong needle machined from stainless steelThe TMC Retractable Dubbing Needle is a dubbing needle which can be retracted up into the housing when not in use. Features half-hitcher on both caps.

    € 45,00
  • TMC Dubbing Needle
    TMC Dubbing Needle

    Versatile Fly Tying NeedleTMC DUBBING NEEDLE comes in handy in various tying occasions. The tip of the needle is slightly bent and that allows the tool to apply just right amount of head cement to the fly. Its bent needle also…

    € 17,90
  • TMC Tying Needle
    TMC Tying Needle

    Needles that specifically designed for fly tyingThe steep tapered needle does not bend and offers the precision to handle in comfort. This will make the dubbing teasing and other detailed process an easy task. A half hitcher on…

    € 21,90


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