2014 Czech Republic

34th Fips Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships, Czech Republic

Total number of competitors in competition: 140

  1. Lubos Roza/Czech Republik 14 points
  2. Piotr Armatys/Poland 22 points
  3. Andrew Scott/England 22 points

Results Dutch Team:

  • 35th Rene Koops (47 points)
  • 37th Marty Maas (51 points)
  • 42nd Peter Elberse (58 points)
  • 83rd Annemarieke Slinger (80 points)
  • 100th Bram Zanis (92 points)


This Worlds Peter won two sessions on the Vltava river. In sector III he won a trophy for being best competitor in that section of the river catching 56 trout measuring 22cm to 50cm in the three hour session.



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