Extend the life of your fly line

Airflo flylines are PVC free. They are made from Polyurethane, an inert, stable, fully recyclable material that requires no plasticizers and last far longer than PVC. Airflo lines therefore don't crack. That doesn't mean you can't ruin them. As a matter of fact, you can ruin a fly line in one session if you strip line from the reel while casting. If you do so the line heats up under an angle of up to 360 degrees and it will burn, damage, curl or break. Especially when the line guard of the reel has a sharp inside. But even if it is perfectly rounded, do not strip a fly line while casting, instead always strip line before casting. If you need more line while casting, put the line on the water, then strip more line and resume casting. 

If you fish the deeper waterlevels with sinking lines please keep in mind that you can damage your fly line on underwater structures like sharp rocks or mussels. It can be extremely effective to fish close to structure but by doing so you risk damaging your fly line.

The above mentioned are both not covered by guarantee as they are not a manufacturing default.

How to maintain fly lines?
After your fishing session it is advised to rinse the line with lukewarm water. You can do so with a wet cloth. After cleaning, remove the moisture on the line with a dry cloth. No need to use a fly line cleaner after every session, but they can extend the life of your fly line if used on a regular base. The use of a fly line dressing every now and then makes the line slick again so it shoots well through the rod guides making casting much easier.

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